What can the WPForms plugin for WordPress do and how is it used?

An exciting new addition to the FireStorm download area is the WPForms plugin for WordPress, which you can now download for free and use for your website. However, this short article is not only intended to draw attention to the plugin, but also to explain its many possibilities. Because, as the name suggests, the WPForms plugin for WordPress is a WordPress plugin for online forms. These WPForms forms are mostly used for contacting, payment processing, surveys and registrations for newsletters and the like. In this article, we’ll tell you more about what the WPForms plugin for WordPress can do, why it’s so good and how you can use it for your website or online shop. – Have fun reading!





When creating or optimising a website or online shop, you often quickly come up with the idea of integrating forms: this is exactly what the WPForms plugin for WordPress can be used for.





What is the WPForms plugin for WordPress?

WPForms is a form plugin for the WordPress content management system that millions of people around the world use for their websites and online shops. Since the release of the WPForms plugin in 2016, the Florida-based company has built up a large fan base around its plugin. According to the company, the WPForms plugin has been downloaded more than 180 million times and more than 6 million websites and online shops are currently actively using the plugin. The popularity is also reflected in the absolutely convincing ratings on various portals (4.9 stars with more than 12,000 ratings on wordpress.com, 4.7 stars with more than 800 ratings on g2.com, 4.8 stars with more than 300 ratings on trustpilot.com).





The WordPress content management system is compatible with countless plugins: one of the most popular of all is the “WPForms” form plugin, which was one of the ten most used WordPress plugins in 2023 (source: wordpress.com).





But what makes WPForms the best plugin for WordPress contact forms?

Because that’s exactly what WPForms has been advertising for years: It is “the best plugin for WordPress contact forms” and the aforementioned reviews prove them right. However, the WPForms plugin is not only suitable for contact forms, but also for payment forms, registration forms, feedback forms and other types of forms.

The best thing about it is that you can create these online forms for your website or online shop not only quickly, but also according to your own ideas. Although WPForms offers numerous helpful templates for creating forms, it also allows users to design their own forms or customise the templates according to their own wishes and ideas.

WPForms uses the ever-popular drag & drop function for this purpose. The fact that WPForms prioritises user-friendliness is evident almost everywhere you use the WordPress plugin. The form templates and the simple and clearly described steps for creating forms make the WPForms plugin the most beginner-friendly contact form plugin on the market.


What are the main advantages of the WPForms plugin for WordPress?

  • Maximum user-friendliness
  • More than 1,500 form templates
  • Conversion-optimised forms
  • Easy customisability through drag & drop
  • Countless extension options
  • Responsive & SEO-friendly forms
  • Optimised for maximum speed
  • Easy integration (e.g. in Google Sheets, Zapier and many more)

You can find an overview of all the functions of the WPForms plugin for WordPress on the official WPForms website.





WPForms offers its users countless functions, options and advantages: It is therefore definitely worth trying out the plugin for WordPress from the FireStorm download area for yourself.





How do you use the WPForms plugin for your website or online shop?

All you need to do to use the WPForms plugin for your website or online shop is to download it from the FireStorm download area and then activate it. You can then set it up directly and use it for your purposes. As already mentioned, it is not only suitable as a normal contact form, but also as a registration or payment form as well as for surveys and many other types of forms. You can then take these from the countless templates and customise them or create your own user-defined forms. – In any case, we wish you lots of fun!

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