What can FireStorm’s cloud storage do?

Cloud storage is an easy way to store data digitally and securely and to access it around the clock from any location. Cloud storage is currently available from FireStorm for as little as CHF 4.90 per month. In this short article, we will discuss what is included in this and all larger packages and for whom the cloud storage from FireStorm is suitable. In the next few paragraphs, we will also discuss the use and management of the cloud and the advantages it offers FireStorm customers. – But now we wish you a lot of fun reading the article!


Mit einem Cloud Speicher kannst Du Deine Daten digital speichern und von überall sowie zu jeder Zeit abrufen. With cloud storage, you can store your data digitally and access it from anywhere at any time.



Secure Cloud Hosting with FireStorm’s Cloud Storage

As already mentioned, FireStorm’s cloud storage offers you digital storage space that you can access from anywhere with an internet connection. FireStorm relies on a proven online software Nextcloud for data management and storage. Nextcloud not only provides access via a user-friendly web interface, but also via a simple mobile application for iOS and Android. In addition, FireStorm ensures that you can use your cloud storage – as well as the other hosting offers from FireStorm – around the clock. Security is also ensured with the DSGVO-compliant cloud storage from FireStorm. The connection to the server is secured with end-to-end encryption and the cloud storage is protected against brute force as well as DDOS attacks and by the FireWall. The daily backups, which you can restore at any time, give you additional security guarantees.


Cheap cloud storage deals with online office packages included

As you probably already know, FireStorm not only attaches great importance to security and availability, but also to attractive offers. That’s why there are nine offers in the FireStorm cloud hosting. They start at CHF 4.90 per month and go up to CHF 289.90 per month. The individual offers in cloud hosting are very comparable with each other.

Because with each package, the storage space (from 100 GB to more than 20 TB) and the number of user accounts (from 1 to unlimited) increases. All other factors of the offer remain the same. This applies to both the 256 bit encryption and the additional mobile application, but also to a special extra.

This extra in the cloud hosting are the online office packages, which you get for free in addition to the cloud storage at FireStorm. This allows you to work on files and documents such as texts, spreadsheets and presentations online, either alone or with other people.





The cloud storage at FireStorm uses Nextcloud, which means you benefit from a simple user interface. You can also edit your documents directly in the cloud thanks to the free Office package.



A brief summary of all the other advantages of cloud storage at FireStorm

We have already mentioned many important advantages of cloud storage at FireStorm in the previous paragraphs. Now we would like to mention a few more and summarise the most important advantages of cloud hosting from FireStorm. The Nextcloud software alone, which is used to manage the cloud storage, offers numerous advantages with our cloud hosting.

You can manage your data and documents of any kind in a simple and convenient way from any device. Nextcloud allows its users to synchronise their files at any time via an encrypted connection. In addition, the mobile clients allow you to activate automatic uploads of media such as pictures and videos. Furthermore, you can also share your data from the cloud storage with other people and assign permissions with just a few clicks.

Nextcloud offers its administration interface in German and English, French and Italian as well as other languages. You can secure your directories with personal passwords and then share them with others as needed. In addition, FireStorm allows you to switch to a larger subscription at any time and book more storage space for your cloud storage.




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