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I’m going on holiday: what do I have to do?

Especially during the summer holidays and vacations, very few people want to be busy with work. Often this is possible without any problems, if you have not taken a lot of work home with you. However, e-mails still arrive regularly. Because while you may be enjoying the sun on holiday, other people continue to work in your company or in other companies.

This is why it is always necessary to contact them during the summer holidays, as the sender often does not even know that you are currently on holiday. With the FireStorm Webmail you can not only check your emails while you are on the road, but also when you are on vacation. In this short article we explain all important functions and possibilities of the FireStorm Webmail during the holiday season.
– Now we wish you a lot of fun during your holidays and reading!



Anytime & anywhere: The FireStorm Webmail access

FireStorm offers its customers not only a comprehensive web hosting service, but also a reliable webmail service. Since this service is already used by many people, we would like to present you two more possibilities, which are currently of great relevance.

First of all it is of course about the access to your webmail account. Because many people have to check their e-mails from time to time, even when they are on vacation, to stay up to date and to be able to react if possible.

Therefore you have access to your webmail account at FireStorm not only anytime, but also from everywhere. So this is not only possible from home and your own terrace, but also directly from your holiday destination. No matter if you are only in Switzerland or abroad: Your e-mails travel with you everywhere.

To access your webmail account, all you need is a secure Internet connection. You can either use roaming (caution: chargeable!) or the WLAN from your hotel. So you can easily check your emails via webmail anytime and anywhere.




Access your FireStorm Webmail account not only anytime, but from anywhere.
So you can keep an eye on everything and know exactly what’s going on even when you’re on vacation.



Simply relaxed: The FireStorm Webmail Absence Notification

However, if you prefer a more relaxed holiday, then the Absence Notification is just the right thing for you. It is intended for people who want to switch off completely when on holiday.

With just a few clicks you can activate a notification of absence in your FireStorm Webmail account in form of an automatic e-mail reply. If available, you can also specify a deputy that the sender should contact.

We even offer the possibility to forward the email directly to a substitute. You can also choose when you will be back from your holiday. So you don’t have to worry about your e-mails during the summer holidays.

Here you will find clear and simple instructions on how to set up your absence message with the automatic e-mail reply. You can find the instructions here.

With the help of the simple FireStorm Webmail notification of absence you can easily activate an automatic reply, which senders receive while you are on vacation.


Checklist for holidays

Ο Were customers informed in advance (e.g. in the newsletter) about the absence and return?

Ο Publish absence on the website if necessary

Ο What to do in an emergency? Reachability via mobile phone?

Ο Absence message activated with email?

Ο Is there a substitute? Do emails have to be forwarded or are processed later?

Ο Obtain information about roaming costs abroad

Ο Testing whether I can log into webmail from my mobile phone


Have a nice summer holiday from your FireStorm team !



Using the simple FireStorm Webmail out-of-office notification, you can easily send an automatic reply
switch on which senders receive while you are on holiday.
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