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Especially in times of the Corona pandemic, people spend more time at home. This time is often used on the Internet to find out about and buy products. It is not without reason that online trade is currently booming and the turnover of online retailers is literally exploding. Therefore it is especially important to have your own online shop in the current situation. You also have more time to create your own online shop. All the better that you get an online shop included with your SiteDesigner package from FireStorm. In this short article you will learn everything you need to know about your own online shop at FireStorm.  – We hope you enjoy reading it!


Build your own online store in a few simple steps with the FireStorm Shop Designer.

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In only 3 steps to your own online shop

As you know it from FireStorm, you have many possibilities with just a few clicks. So you can create your first own online shop in just three simple steps. Because every FireStorm offer includes its own online shop, so you can get started right away. Sell your own products or services in your unique Online Shop from today.

In the first step you choose a suitable design. FireStorm offers you hundreds of professional templates for your online shop. You can edit them yourself or create your own shop from scratch.

The next step is to configure your online shop. In addition to descriptions and further details, you can also set and add payment methods and currencies as well as many other options.

In the third and last step, you enter your items and enter the products. Create suitable texts and descriptions and add attractive photos. Afterwards you can already publish your website and proudly present your own online shop.


With only three steps your online shop is created and you benefit from the numerous advantages and functions.

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These are the advantages and functions of your online shop

As usual, FireStorm offers you countless advantages and possibilities. As you already know, your first own online shop is quickly created. Just configure it, upload your product image and write texts. Your online shop is ready and you can start right away.

Of course it is extremely important to optimize your shop again and again and to keep it up to date if you want to sell successfully. You have the possibility to change your templates at any time. You can change the template whenever you want or configure it yourself. Choose from hundreds of professional and user-friendly templates in the Shop Designer.

With matching statistics and overviews you always have all your sales in view. In addition, notifications always inform you about new sales and activities in your online shop.

Especially in times of the smartphone nothing works without mobility. Not only websites, such as blogs or company websites, but especially online shops have to be optimized for smartphones and tablets. Thanks to the Shop Designer’s automatic mobile optimization, your shop always looks perfect, no matter from which device your customers access your online shop.

In addition, your customers, but also yourself, can access your online shop from all over the world. The security of your shop is always in the foreground. Thanks to the protection provided by an SSL certificate, your customers benefit from encrypted and secure data transmission. This is of course especially important when it comes to payment. Your online shop also supports numerous payment methods, such as PayPal, credit card or postal payment, as well as many other options.


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