Advantages of SiteDesigner – new functions in SiteDesigner

With the help of FireStorm’s SiteDesigner you can easily create and manage your individual website with just a few clicks. The SiteDesigner is a homepage construction kit that can be used by everyone. The SiteDesigner allows you to easily realize your ideas of a professional and appealing website. In this short article we would like to introduce you to the advantages and new functions of SiteDesigner. – Enjoy reading!




The SiteDesigner of FireStorm is a user-friendly and versatile homepage construction kit with many advantages.




What advantages does the SiteDesigner offer for your website?

With the SiteDesigner of FireStorm you get a directly usable homepage construction kit with countless possibilities. Some of these functions and advantages we have clearly arranged for you in the following:


Ease of use

When creating the SiteDesigner, we focused on usability. Therefore, the homepage construction kit is very easy to use and also ideal for beginners. They can easily learn the perfect handling as well as the functions of the SiteDesigner within a very short time.


complete operability

Furthermore, all pages are fully functional when you use our SiteDesigner. There are no unsightly display errors or other problems. Also on mobile phones and tablets and of course on any computer or browser your website will be displayed optimally.




The numerous advantages of the SiteDesigner extend far beyond its ease of use and wide range of functions.



Numerous design templates

At SiteDesigner we offer you numerous fresh and modern designs as free templates. Just take a look at them and decide on one of them. You can then use it as a basis to build your individual website and fine-tune the details.


Simple change options

You can easily make changes to your website at any time. No matter if content or appearance; with the SiteDesigner you decide how and what is displayed on your website. So you can be sure that you can always intervene and keep your website up to date.


All operating systems

Furthermore, SiteDesigner is fully usable on most iOS, Android and FireOS devices. So you don’t need to install an app, but can work on your website even when you are on the road. Especially for small and fast changes this feature is optimal.


Robust side model

Due to the very robust page model, it is unlikely that you will accidentally damage your website. This gives you peace of mind and lets you work on your website without any concerns. Despite this robust page model, you have countless possibilities for changes with the SiteDesigner.


Drag-and-drop functionality

Using the simple drag-and-drop functionality of our SiteDesigner, it is easy to create a variety of page layouts. There are no limits to your creativity, so you can be flexible and easy to experiment. Design your website exactly the way you want it and take full advantage of the different features.


Optimal Site-Management

In conclusion, with the SiteDesigner from FireStorm you get a versatile homepage construction kit which is easy to use. It contains all functions of the site management, so that you can not only create your individual website, but also manage it.



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