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As the best Swiss web hosting provider, we have always attached great importance to security. Thus, we not only protect our own data, but also the data of our customers from various fields. However, since security has many facets, we would like to introduce you to some of them in this short article. In addition, we will also go into a test platform that reliably evaluates the security of web and mail servers and has also put FireStorm under the microscope. – But for now, we hope you enjoy reading this article!


The different facets of security at FireStorm

As a web hosting provider, FireStorm offers you a wide range of different security tools. For example, you can secure your own applications with the help of SSL certificates. But we ourselves also take great care of the security of your data. These are optimally secured in accordance with the Data Protection Act, which is why you can rely on our cloud storage at all times. In addition to your data, we also protect your projects that run on our servers with the latest security technologies. For this purpose, we rely not only on our many years of experience in the FireStorm team, but also on regular updates and optimizations, so that everything runs securely and stably at all times.

Because at FireStorm, security is a top priority and we can prove that several times. Firstly, we offer the most secure domain registration of all web hosting providers and secondly, we were awarded the DNSsec Award due to our performance in terms of security, as you can read in our article from 04.12.2019. If this is not enough to convince you, then be sure to read the last paragraph!


Security has many facets and FireStorm works every day to cover them all and to optimize them again and again in order to best protect the mail and web servers as well as all data.


Outstanding results in the Hardenize Report

Is FireStorm secure? – The Public Report from Hardenize provides clear answers to this question. That’s because the platform offers comprehensive assessments of the network and security configurations of websites as well as mail and web servers. In these tests, FireStorm performs really outstandingly, which we are very proud of. This means that our focus on security pays off in a measurable way. – So feel free to click through the public report of on!

The platform monitors the entire network perimeter, evaluating individual security functions and network services. The team is supported not only by Cloudfare and Amazon Web Services, but also by Google Cloud, and offers countless free reports. These reports are clearly structured and each point is briefly explained in English, making Hardenize easy to use and the reports easy to understand.


The report from Hardenize shows that security is a top priority at FireStorm and that FireStorm is one of the most secure web hosting providers around – and we are very proud of that!


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