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Even in times of social media and messengers, emails are still an important means of communication. Not only, but especially in the area of business communication, hardly anything goes without email traffic. For this reason, we want to tell you everything you should know about creating a professional email address in today’s article. To do this, we will not only go into the mail hosting at FireStorm, but also share some helpful tips with you. – But enough of the preface; now we’ll start directly with the article, with which we hope you have a lot of fun!


Communication via e-mail is indispensable in today’s world – especially in business life – which is why we explain in this article what you should bear in mind when creating a professional e-mail.



What is the difference between a freemail provider and a professional email address?

Basically, there are two types of email addresses; the so-called freemail addresses and the professional email addresses. The former usually consist of your (user) name or a freely selectable word plus the name of the freemail provider. Examples are, or There is nothing wrong with having an email address with one of these providers, but apart from advertisements in the mailbox and the very limited storage space, freemail addresses also have another big disadvantage; they are a popular target for spam mails, phishing mails and also for hacker attacks.

Therefore, it is better to send your important e-mails via a professional e-mail address. Not only do they make a much better impression in business communication, they also have many security advantages. With FireStorm’s mail hosting service, you benefit from fast, efficient and secure mail hosting. – Here you can find more information about mail hosting with FireStorm.


E-mail addresses from freemail providers are not only unprofessional, but also have some disadvantages, which is why you should better use a professional e-mail address for important mails.




Some tips for creating a professional email address

Since you have almost free choice when creating a professional email address, not only before but also after the @ sign, you should think of a suitable domain name. This should ideally have a meaning or a sense, suit you and be short and memorable. When entering the name, make sure that you have spelt everything correctly, as it is well known that it is easy to make a typing error or get it wrong. You can also look for alternative domain extensions. In addition to the classic options, such as .com and .de, there are also domain endings such as .net, .eu, .info, .org or .gmbh.

In the mail hosting offers of FireStorm you always get a domain with unlimited aliases. This allows you to use different email addresses for different purposes. This way, private and business emails can be perfectly separated right from the start. If you use different e-mails in different places (e.g. on your business card, on your website, in social networks, etc.), you always know where the sender became aware of you.

By the way, all this also applies to company email addresses. With FireStorm Mail Hosting you can create and manage professional email addresses for you as a private person as well as for your company, your club or other purposes. All you have to do is follow these four steps:

  1. Choose the right mail hosting plan from FireStorm
  2. Get the right domain for you.
  3. Create your mail hosting account.
  4. Set up your email inbox.




After you have found the right mail hosting offer for you at FireStorm, secured your desired domain, created your account and set up your mailbox, you can start sending emails straight away.
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