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At FireStorm we offer our customers a lot of performance for little money. We combine this with individual support and experienced web administrators who help you with maximum expertise at all times. In order to offer our customers even more, we combine our SiteDesigner with web hosting, give you more performance in hosting packages and double the performance of our root servers. – Find out more about our new offers at FireStorm in this short news article!


With FireStorm, you can count on the best performance at the best prices with top support.




FireStorm combines the clever SiteDesigner with the excellent web hosting. So you get two popular offers in one. As a customer, you benefit from the many possibilities of the SiteDesigner and our powerful web hosting, including FireStorm support.

The only thing web designers have to do is pay a small surcharge. While SiteDesigner Start is already available for CHF 2.00 more for the hosting package, SiteDesigner Business costs CHF 6.00. The high-end version, i.e. SiteDesigner Premium, is available for an additional charge of CHF 9.00. Don’t miss this opportunity and combine the SiteDesigner with the web hosting of FireStorm.


You should not miss the new offers of FireStorm!



More performance for the same money – cheap hosting packages from FireStorm

Our fastest web hosting is worthwhile not only because of the great performance and the individual support, but now also for another reason. FireStorm’s hosting packages are now even cheaper. In addition, all customers and new customers get more for their money.
FireStorm automatically increases the storage space of all three hosting packages without increasing the price. This gives the FireSmall hosting package 50 GB instead of 25 GB. With the FireLarge hosting package the storage space increases from 80 GB to 100 GB and with the FirePlus hosting package there is 150 GB instead of 120 GB.
In addition, as a new customer you benefit from the free relocation of your website, which you can manage yourself. We support you with our excellent support and our experienced web administrators. So take advantage of cheap hosting packages with FireStorm.

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Rootserver with double power at FireStorm

Rootservers give you full access to your server and give you full server control. To give you even more power and storage for your root servers, FireStorm now doubles the CPU and RAM of the root servers. This means that all customers get more performance immediately and nothing stands in the way of major projects.

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