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Do you dream of your own website? But have no money for an expensive web designer? No need to worry: With a homepage construction kit you can easily build your own website. Uncomplicated, fast and cheap. And the best: There is hardly any difference in quality. So it’s no surprise that homepage construction kits are becoming more and more popular – and sprout like mushrooms from the ground. We will tell you why a homepage building set is important and what you should pay attention to when choosing your provider. Have fun!

Why a homepage building set is the better choice

The Internet has long since become indispensable. More and more activities are shifting into the digital world and for companies and self-employed people today hardly anything is possible without a website. The problem: So far the way to their own homepage was quite stony. Not only did you have to find a suitable web designer, you also had to pay a lot of money in the end. The prices? From 2000 Euro upwards. Quite heavy, especially for small companies.

With a homepage construction kit, the costly search for overpriced web designers is finally a thing of the past. Now everyone can build his own website. The only condition: You need a good homepage building set.

Quality feature #1: Varied designs and templates

The templates form the basis of your website. Therefore, they should play an important role in the selection of your homepage construction kit – especially if you do not yet have a clear idea about what your finished website should look like. Pay attention to a large selection of possible designs and the quality of the templates. These should be clear, modern and appealing.

The Firestorm SiteDesigner offers you just that. With us you can choose from over 100 professional and modern templates and you are guaranteed to find the right template for your website. With us no wishes remain open!

Quality feature #2: Individual customization options

A good homepage construction kit offers you not only many designs and templates, but also additional customization options. After all, you want an individual website and no bar stock. Your website should fulfill your wishes and demands: Colors, pictures, fonts, columns, boxes and other small extras can be changed to your heart’s content with a good homepage construction kit.

In SiteDesigner you even have access to the HTML/CSS codes. So that you can let off steam creatively and design your website exactly according to your ideas.

Quality Feature #3: Responsive Design

More and more people are using smartphones and tablets to surf the web on the move. If your website is not optimized for mobile devices, not only will you worsen the user experience and frighten away a lot of potential customers – your Google ranking will also be affected. The homepage construction kit should therefore offer you responsive design. Your website will automatically adapt to any device – PC, Smartphone or Tablet.

Quality feature #4: Easy to use

A convincing homepage construction kit is easy and intuitive to use. After all, everyone must be able to create their own website. Especially important: The editor. With this editor you should be able to easily change pages, elements or color schemes – within seconds. If you have to work on your website for hours, that’s a bad sign.

In SiteDesigner, everything works by dragging and dropping. So you can build your dream website super fast and super easy. Even your grandmother would get an excellent website! Well, almost.

Quality Feature #5: Integrated SEO Tools

Do you not only want to have a good website, but also be found by your target group and potential customers? Then you won’t get around search engine optimization. A good homepage construction kit has integrated SEO tools with which you can keep an eye on your search engine ranking and improve it in a targeted way. Also in the SiteDesigner you have many SEO tools to catapult your ranking to undreamt-of heights.

Quality feature #6: Integrated e-commerce solution

You want to sell digital or physical products through your website? Then make sure that your homepage supports e-commerce. Not all providers do that. Especially integrated online shops are recommended and save you a lot of time.

With us you can set up your online shop in three simple steps: Choose your shop name and email, add payment method and set shipping costs. Done!

We also support all common payment methods. From PayPal to E-Post payment to Stripe.


Quality feature #7: Mailhosting

As a company or freelancer you need your own email address. This means: Your email must match your domain; for example info@[yourwebsite].de. While almost all providers offer domain registrations, integrated mail hosting is not widespread. It is so important!

Quality Feature #8: Social Media Integration

Actually, it’s quite simple: If you have your own website and want to generate new traffic, you need social media. That’s why it’s important that your homepage construction kit is also optimized for social networks. For example, it should be possible to integrate a Facebook Like or Share button on your website. The same applies to Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn and other important social media platforms.

By the way: If you are looking for a homepage construction kit for optimal results and any wishes and requirements, our SiteDesigner is the right place for you. No matter if you are a private person, an SME or a self-employed entrepreneur – the SiteDesigner is guaranteed to meet your requirements. And the best: You can create your own website in no time at all. Choose the design you want, add text and images, adjust the design and your website is up and running! With the SiteDesigner this is possible. That’s how web design is fun!


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