Faster hosting for a modern web experience with HTTP/3

We at FireStorm are known for fast hosting and an outstanding service, which has recently been confirmed again: We have recently started offering HTTP/3 automatically for our customers in FireStorm Plesk Hosting. This latest version of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol not only promises faster loading times, but also more stable and secure data transfer. In this short article, we have summarised for you what exactly HTTP/3 is, what role ‘QUIC’ plays and what advantages HTTP/3 offers you. – We hope you enjoy reading it now!




We now automatically offer HTTP/3 in FireStorm Plesk Hosting. We would therefore like to present all the important advantages of HTTP/3 in this article.




What exactly is HTTP/3 and what is QUIC?

HTTP/3 is the third major version of the HTTP protocol used for transferring data on the web. This version is based on QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connections), a new transport protocol developed by Google. QUIC uses the connectionless UDP (User Datagram Protocol) instead of the traditional TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) to speed up and improve data transmission. However, in addition to the improved speed, HTTP/3 also offers other exciting advantages, which we would like to present to you briefly and concisely in the next section.




 HTTP/3 is used for transferring data on the web and is based on the new QUIC transport protocol, which primarily ensures faster and better data transfer.





What are the advantages of HTTP/3?

An important advantage for FireStorm customers is that HTTP/3 is now automatically included in FireStorm Plesk Hosting. So if you use FireStorm Plesk Hosting, you will benefit from the following advantages of HTTP/3, among others:


Faster loading times

As HTTP/3 is based on QUIC and UDP, it can transfer data faster without waiting for previous packets to be received. This leads to a significant reduction in loading times, especially for complex websites with many simultaneous data requests.


More stable connections

HTTP/3 improves connection stability by maintaining the transmission even when switching networks (e.g. from WLAN to mobile data). This is particularly beneficial for mobile users who frequently switch between different networks.


Increased security

With the integrated TLS 1.3 encryption, HTTP/3 offers secure data transmission by default. No additional handshakes are required, which not only increases security but also shortens connection times.


Better performance on mobile devices

Mobile users particularly benefit from HTTP/3 as the protocol is specifically designed to meet the challenges of mobile networks. Websites load faster and more reliably, even when network quality fluctuates.


Improved user experience

Faster loading times and stable connections ensure an optimised user experience, which is particularly important for online shops and other web-based services.


SEO benefits

Fast loading times are a decisive factor for search engine rankings. Websites that use HTTP/3 can therefore potentially rank better, which is why search engine optimisation (SEO for short) is also an important benefit.



HTTP/3 is the future of the web protocol. Early implementation keeps your websites at the cutting edge of technology and allows you to take full advantage of this new standard.





HTTP/3 offers countless advantages, from faster loading times and more stable connections to increased security … and much more.





Conclusion on the introduction of HTTP/3 in FireStorm Plesk Hosting

The introduction of HTTP/3 on all Plesk hosting accounts at FireStorm now ensures an even faster, more secure and more stable web experience. We are therefore very pleased to be able to offer you and all other FireStorm Plesk Hosting customers this advanced technology automatically. Because – as this short article has hopefully shown you – HTTP/3 offers numerous valuable advantages that you should definitely utilise for your web projects!

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