Everything you need to know about the 2024 price adjustment at FireStorm

With the turn of the year, some things are changing in many areas, in Europe, in Switzerland and also at FireStorm: Because on 1 January 2024, our price adjustments will come into force, which we would like to inform you about on our website and now also in this article. As FireStorm has always focused on the customer, we want to explain in this article why we will be increasing our prices slightly in 2024. In this article, we will also show you where you can find a clear table of the price adjustments at FireStorm and what exceptions there are to the price adjustments. As a special bonus, you will also find out about a particularly attractive offer at the end. – But enough preamble, let’s start directly with the first and probably most important question!



From 1 January 2024, new prices will apply to most FireStorm products and services, which we will inform you about in this short article.




Why are we increasing the prices of FireStorm 2024?

Constantly rising costs and increasing VAT have led us to the decision to increase the prices at FireStorm 2024. This is because the price increases for electricity and other raw materials have reached new peaks in recent months and years. Data centre and server costs and the cost of IP addresses have also risen sharply. The same applies to the prices of our suppliers and the labour and operating costs in our offices. Added to this is the upcoming VAT increase in Switzerland in 2024. In our view, all these factors clearly speak in favour of adjusting the prices of our services at FireStorm. However, we have not only made sure that these are moderate, but also that the quality remains as convincing as possible.


How high are the price adjustments at FireStorm?

From 1 January 2024, we will be increasing all product prices by 10 percent and rounding up monthly prices to the nearest 90 centimes. These changes will affect all our customers. Therefore, the duration of the subscription (12, 24 or 36 months) does not really matter. In addition, from 1 January 2024, our hourly rate will be CHF 45 per 1/4 hour or CHF 180 per hour. This adjustment enables us to continue our services at the usual high level and to respond to your personal enquiries and concerns in the best possible way.


What are the exceptions to the price adjustments?

Domain names and Microsoft 365 packages will not be affected by FireStorm’s price adjustments. We will absorb the VAT increase and keep the prices stable for you to ensure your satisfaction and the smooth functioning of your websites. In contrast, separate prices apply to Plesk licences, which you can check at any time in our clear price list on our website. There is also an easy way to keep the old conditions, as you will learn later. So while you will find some exceptions to the price adjustment, there are definitely no exceptions in terms of quality with FireStorm.



Due to the increased costs for data centres, servers and other items, as well as rising VAT, we are increasing prices slightly in 2024 in order to continue to guarantee maximum quality and the best service.



What do the new prices mean for quality and service?

At FireStorm, we continue to endeavour to maintain the quality of our products and services at the highest level while offering fair prices. Accordingly, the price adjustments for 2024 are also necessary in order to guarantee this quality standard with increased costs. We therefore want to continue to drive the continuous improvement of our products and services in order to offer you the best possible experience.


Is there a way to secure the old conditions?

As we have already announced several times in this article, there is indeed a way to secure the old conditions with FireStorm. As a FireStorm customer, you can currently extend your current package for a further two or three years at the current price. So be sure to take advantage of this great opportunity to continue benefiting from your old conditions!


Do you still have questions about the 2024 price adjustments at FireStorm?

If you are still missing information in this article and on the page with the tables for the price adjustments for 2024, you can contact us at any time as usual. The same applies if you have any questions about our attractive offer. We are always ready to help you and address your personal concerns. You can therefore simply contact us via the familiar FireStorm contact options!



On our website you will not only find a tabular overview of the 2024 price adjustments at FireStorm, but also some contact options that you can use for open questions.



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