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2 Factor Authentication in FireStorm Web Hosting Area

Security on the Internet is becoming increasingly important. Therefore FireStorm offers its customers the possibility of 2 factor authentication in the web hosting area. If you activate this in your web administration at FireStorm, you immediately increase the security for your web hosting. That’s why many of our hosting customers already use 2 factor authentication in their web administration. In this short article we want to explain to you how you can easily activate the 2 factor authentication in just four steps and thus immediately create more security for your FireStorm account. – We hope you enjoy reading this article!

4 easy steps to more security for your FireStorm web hosting

To activate the 2 factor authentication in the webhosting, you have to be a customer of FireStorm. Then you can simply log in to the web administration under the following link: to customer login

From this point on you simply follow the four steps in the following instructions to activate the 2 factor authentication:


Step 1: Download Google Authenticator App

In the first step, you should have your smartphone or tablet (with camera) at hand. Because at this point you download the free ‘Google Authenticator’ app for Android devices from the Google Play Store or for iOS devices from the Apple App Store. Either search for the app in the App Store or use one of the two links below:

Google Play Store: Download Google Authenticator Android app here.

Apple App Store: Download Google Authenticator iOS App here


Step 2: Open security settings

While downloading the ‘Google Authenticator’ app, you can already open the ‘Account’ menu in the web administration. Here you can navigate to the security settings.


Step 3: Confirm activation

Then confirm the activation under ‘Click here to activate’ and follow the setup wizard until you scan the QR code. This completes the setup of the 2-factor authentication in the webhosting account and in the app.

Step 4: Use immediately

From this point on, you can use the ‘Google Authenticator’ app every time you log in to the FireStorm web administration. All you need to do is enter your username and password as usual and then scan the QR code with the smartphone app.


For easy and at the same time secure 2 factor authentication, we at FireStorm rely on the Google Authenticator App and thus give FireStorm customers a whole lot more security for their web hosting .


This is why you should use 2 factor authentication with FireStorm

FireStorm already does everything to provide its customers with maximum security. However, unauthorized access can happen not only through the web hoster’s side, but especially through the web hosting customer’s and user’s side. Therefore, 2 factor authentication is your part to more security in FireStorm web administration.

By following our simple step-by-step instructions on how to activate 2 Factor Authentication, you will directly increase the security of your FireStorm web hosting account. Moreover, not only the activation, but also the subsequent implementation is absolutely simple and at the same time very secure. In the future, you will only need to have your smartphone handy when you log in to the FireStorm web administration.


After you have downloaded and set up the Google Authenticator app on your smartphone, every time you log in to the FireStorm web hosting account, simply scan the displayed QR code with your smartphone app.
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