Relevance of hard disk performance

A fast website is becoming more important every year, not only for visitors, interested parties and customers, but also for search engines. Similarly, as for reliability, the choice of a professional web hoster therefore plays an important role. However, like many web hosting providers, we at FireStorm also offer different types of hard drives in web hosting for our customers. This enables our customers to save money on web hosting or to rely on maximum performance and efficiency, depending on their needs. In this article we would like to briefly explain to you what types of hard disks there are in web hosting and how important hard disk performance really is at the moment. – Have fun reading!



Since the first hard disks came onto the market in the mid-1950s, they have developed greatly and are now also a mainstay of the World Wide Web.


What types of hard disks are there in web hosting?

A basic distinction is made between HDD hosting and SSD hosting. While the former usually comes with a lower price and a larger storage volume, the latter convinces with a big plus in performance or speed. Therefore, it is important to think about the purpose of the web project before deciding on the type of hard disk in web hosting. In principle, it can be said that SSD hard disks are the better choice for web hosting in most cases, as they usually cost only minimally more, but are significantly faster.


When is HDD web hosting the better choice?

However, there are also cases in which it can make perfect sense to rely on HDD web hosting. HDD hard disks are more risk-prone and slower due to the mechanical storage process, but they offer more storage space. For this reason, HDD web hosting, which is for the most part also somewhat cheaper than SSD web hosting, is suitable for web projects where storage space and price come before performance and service life. Examples of this could be large forums or data storage for documents, e-mails and other digital media.


When should you choose SSD web hosting?

As already mentioned, SSD web hosting is usually the best choice for your web projects. Because although – or rather, precisely because – SSD hard drives offer less storage space, they are significantly faster. In addition, they are not at all error-prone and are particularly durable, since the read and write heads are missing and thus no mechanical parts are installed. Therefore, SSD hard drives are always suitable when high access numbers are to be expected and efficiency and speed are important. Examples of this are web projects of all kinds, from online shops to websites and blogs..


Basically, with HDD and SSD hard disks, two types of hard disks are common in web hosting.


But how important is hard disk performance really?

While the speed of a website as well as the loading time were one of the most important factors in Google’s ranking just a few years ago, this factor was reduced at first glance in the course of 2021. This is because the speed of a website as a concrete metric no longer plays as big a role as before. However, user experience has become even more important for the Google ranking and fast loading times are one of the most important factors for the user-friendliness of a website, a blog or an online shop from the user’s point of view.

For this reason, hard disk performance continues to play a central role with regard to Google ranking. Therefore, for a successful web project, you should always rely on the fast and reliable SSD web hosting that we at FireStorm offer you. – So if you are not yet a FireStorm customer, please click here and learn more about our web hosting at FireStorm – your web host from Zurich!


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Hard disk performance still plays a very important role and is crucial for a high user experience, which in turn has a strong impact on the Google ranking.



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