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Recommendations have not just been around for a few years, but have always been completely normal and commonplace. Therefore, both offline and online, recommendations are always being made. We at FireStorm are very proud to have so many satisfied customers who recommend our services to friends and acquaintances of their own accord. Therefore, we decided some time ago to reward these referrals financially. This gives you the opportunity to earn money online through affiliate marketing at FireStorm. In this short article we will not only explain to you what affiliate marketing actually is, but also show you how you can earn money as an affiliate at FireStorm. – We hope you enjoy reading this article!



Referrals are a daily occurrence not only in the offline world, but also in the online world. That’s why we reward our customers financially with our FireStorm affiliate programme.


What is affiliate marketing and what commissions does FireStorm pay?

Since the beginning of human history, people have made recommendations to each other, usually benefiting both sides. This trend has not diminished in the digitalised world, but has actually become even greater. Because today, several billion people have access to the internet and the countless products and services that are offered here.

Of course, you will find some of these offers at FireStorm and if you are a customer of ours, then you are already using at least one of our web hosting services. If you, like many of our customers, are satisfied with FireStorm and its services, then you have the opportunity to refer other people through affiliate marketing or referral marketing.

If you have done this successfully, we at FireStorm will credit you with a small commission as part of the referral process. This amounts to CHF 5.00 per newly recruited customer as well as a one-time 2 percent on the total amount. We will explain to you in the next paragraph how exactly you can get these affiliate commissions from FireStorm.

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Through referral or affiliate marketing, you can quickly and easily earn money online at FireStorm by recommending our web hosting services to your friends or acquaintances.



How exactly does referral work at FireStorm?

If you would like to recruit friends as an affiliate at FireStorm, first log in at and then click on the menu item “Billing”. In the drop-down menu, select “Referrals” and this will take you to the page for recruiting friends. Below the three coloured boxes you will find your personal partner link, which you can send to your friends and acquaintances or link or share somewhere. This link always starts with “”.

Every click on this link is counted and noted in the orange box. The same applies to registrations, which you will find in the blue box. In the green box you can see your conversion rate, i.e. the percentage of people who actually became FireStorm customers after clicking on the link. It can take up to 30 days until your FireStorm account is credited. All further information on affiliate marketing at FireStorm can be found in summary form under “Refer a friend” in our knowledge database.





So that you have everything in view, you will also find a clear dashboard for the friendship advertising at FireStorm, in which all clicks and registrations as well as the conversion rate are shown.

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