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FireStorm now makes the new cloud storage available. The cloud storage is an online storage which you can use for your online backups or documents. You can backup your own computer or server or access all your cloud data directly from your computer via a drive. With cloud storage, your data is centrally stored in a secure place. With our automatic data backup, all your data on the online storage is regularly backed up and protected by us. Restoring your data is easy. The cloud storage is also available in several languages. You can access your documents around the clock. You can edit photos, data and videos at any time on any device around the world. Our cloud storage is based on Nextcloud with the Online Office package.


online office

In the cloud store we provide you with our online office package. With it you can edit Word documents, Excel spreadsheets as well as PowerPoint presentations via the Internet. In addition, the documents can be edited online in real time by several people at the same time. We support all devices like Smartphones, Tablet, iPad, iPhone, PC and much more. You also have access to your own calendar, galleries, and activities.



We have created various price plans that meet every requirement. Our offers start from 100 Gbyte storage space, which is super suitable for the entry. You also have a good insight into the resources you have used. If the package is too small for you, you can request an upgrade at any time. The storage space can be increased up to 20’000 GByte. If you need more than 20 TByte storage space, you are welcome to contact us and we will make you an individual offer.

More information can be found at


to the offers


Below you can see our online office packages that we provide in the cloud store.


Quickly and easily create and manage Office documents





Edit your Excel and spreadsheets online






Edit your presentations with multiple people simultaneously






Edit Word and documents together quickly and easily



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