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Add additional user

You can add additional users in web administration. This allows your trustee, accountant, webmaster or 3rd person to access your data. You can assign him different roles. We’ll explain how it works here:


  1. Log in to the web administration at
  2. Open the Account menu and then manage contacts
  3. Enter the person’s address data
  4. Then activate the checkbox Create user for web administration
  5. Now select the desired functions which the user may access. For example, manage domain settings or view & pay invoices.
  6. Afterwards you can define under e-mail settings which messages the person should be informed about by e-mail.
  7. Click on Save Changes


The user has now access to your account and can log in with his own data under

If you want to grant access to a FireStorm customer or reseller, please follow the instructions below: Partner management



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